Corentin Coulais

Machine Materials Lab

One-way Metamaterials

We unveil static non-reciprocity using mechanical metamaterials! They can transmit static motion in one way and block it in the other! Click here for the paper.

This picture shows a topological mechanical metamaterial that features large non-reciprocity : The right side moves when pushing on the left, but the left side moves much less when pushing on the right with the same force. Credits: Cockrell School of Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin.

Machine Materials

We create aperiodic metamaterials with morphable textures and that can mechanically recognize and analyse patterns! Click here for the paper and see below for the explanatory videos!



Nonlinear and Auxetic Metamaterials

We investigate mechanical metamaterials that exhibit auxetic and highly nonlinear properties! The paper can be found at this link.


Runaway Buckling of Metabeams

PhysRevLett.115.044301We can control the buckling instability by rationally designing a nonlinear metamaterial! Download our article here and see this link for a Synopsis highlight article written by Katherine Wright. See also our explanatory movie below!


Shear Softening in Jammed Grains

Local inflation probes isotropic shear and reveal non linearities close to jamming in 2D packings! Download our article here and see this link for a highlighting Viewpoint article written by Karen Daniels.

Programmable Mechanical Metamaterials

We create a novel elastic metamaterial where the mechanical response is controlled by lateral confinement. See this link for a focus article written by Philip Ball and here for the article. More movies can be found here and here.


How the ideal jamming point illuminates the world of granular media

By means of experiments on photo-elastic grains, we show how the Jamming transition affects the statics and the dynamics of vibrated dense granular media. Click here to download our paper.


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